About Us

Green Mountain Mini Baked is a gourmet mini donut bakery located in the Green Mountains of Vermont. I bake all my donuts in small batches to order. I am a stay at home mom, who decided to start a business doing what I love! My kids inspired me, they LOVE sweets ~ so Green Mountain Mini Baked was born! Perfectly sweet, perfectly mini, perfectly perfect! If you are inclined, please try Green Mountain Mini Baked… you will be hooked!!

What is DIFFERENT about Green Mountain Mini Baked donuts?? First of all, it has to be their cuteness~ The INSTANT smile on your face when you open your dozen, and see 12 cute mini donuts staring back at you. Then there is the taste! WOW! 3 bites of perfection… Local Vermont ingredients and great topping combinations are guaranteed to deliver deliciousness! REMEMBER…I BAKE all my donuts. This means a few different things… First off, they LAST LONGER! You can store my minis for up to a week and they will still taste great!! They have way less calories than your typical donuts you find at your local donut shops! Plus, I offer WAY more flavor options! Think of all the possibilities! My minis are great to stack, bag, put on a stick, box or whatever your donut mind can imagine! They don’t stick together like average donuts. The possibilities are endless with Green Mountain Mini Baked!! :) Please browse though my shop, pick a flavor, or dream one up… Just think, the possibilities are endless!!

Please check our shop policies for current turnaround times and other important shop information before you purchase.  Green Mountain Mini Baked is not a traditional brick and mortar bakery, and does not have a store front. Since the bakery is home based, the address listed on our site is our mailing address only.

I  love custom orders, if you think of something that isn’t listed here in my shop PLEASE contact me!  I have over 100 flavors of donuts….  If you dream up the “Perfect donut” I probably have made it or can try!  :)  Please check back regularly as I switch out donut flavors monthly!

For the FRESHEST & BEST mini baked donut experience, PLEASE choose PRIORITY EXPRESS shipping. This is the BEST way to enjoy my mini donuts. Baked & hand dipped to your door in 1-2 days.Please ENJOY your mini donuts within 7 days of receiving and store in an air tight container or Zip Lock bag. Place in freezer to maintain freshness for up to 1 months. The buttercream frosting that tops all my donuts is NOT a traditional “creamy” frosting, it is a dense buttercream made specifically to keep its shape on top of the donuts.

***Please note that these donuts are baked in a facility that uses peanuts, dairy, wheat and other allergens.***

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Go Ahead… Eat a donut!


Debbie Mast