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Doughnuts or Donuts

I often wonder why there are 2 ways to spell donuts…  This is what I found on Yahoo Answers :


To be technically correct, it’s doughnut. But since doughnuts are such marketable commodities, it got shortened to donut for the sake of space and readability on signs and “cuteness” in marketing and advertising and it’s been that way for so long, it’s become acceptable to spell it that way, but doughnut is still correct.
I’m not sure if donut has been added to the dictionary as an alternate spelling after all these years, but that is possible.


So I think I’m good with Donuts!! lol

TGIF and go ahead… East a DONUT!!



Home again, Home again…

Home… there is no place like it!! I made 12 dozen donuts today when I got home, and I LOVED every moment of it… especially when I could could pour a cold glass of white wine and sit on the couch!! ha :)  No really, My daughter and I watched 2 movies and baked today… a perfect day!!  Mom and daughter… loved every minute!!

I’m whipping up some good fall flavors of donuts… can’t wait to share them with you!!